Abiqua Falls, Oregon

In Oregon, USA, Abiqua falls are situated. The 101-feet high free-falling waterfall stuns with its beauty as it is surrounded by spectacular wall of basalt. The Abiqua falls is located near the town of Scott Mills and is a great destination for those who like not only to enjoy breathtaking scenery but also the fans of hiking and trekking.

Abiqua Falls, Oregon

Abiqua Falls, Oregon

The amazing impression of the view is mostly because of the moss and lichens that grow on the basalt of the falls as they make the rocks bloom in red, orange and green being one of most beautiful examples of this kind of scenery that can be found in some other waterfalls of the USA, such as Latourell Falls of Columbia River or Silver State Falls Park.

Best time to visit Abiqua Falls

For visiting this magnificent formation of nature, any season of the year is appropriate as the stream falling in summer looks just as in the winters when it freezes. Initially, the height of Abiqua falls was believed to be somewhat 92 feet, but this was disproved when the height of it was measured by the kayakers.

Activities at Abiqua Falls

Abiqua falls are famous as one of the toughest objects for kayaking. Tyler Bradt, a record-holder, who managed to kayak down a 180-feet waterfall, was seriously injured when trying to overcome the Abiqua falls. Only later, other kayakers, Jesse Coombs managed to kayak down this tricky and dangerous waterfall that is considered to be among the most difficult ones in the sport of kayaking.

Kayaking - Abiqua Falls, Oregon

Kayaking – Abiqua Falls, Oregon

The hiking trails of the Abiqua falls are of a moderate difficulty and thus you should not bring children with you if you are about to hike. Starting at the Abiqua Falls Trailhead, you will have to climb some steep slopes and step over many logs and rocks. The trail is approximately 0.8 long and will lead you all the way to the stunning scenery of the Abiqua falls, making your hike 100% worthy.

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