7 Exotic Places On Earth You Must Visit

Ever thought of how our land would look like if everything we see around was very regular looking and nothing different or exotic about them? Well, the truth is that there actually are several places on Earth that seem just like from another Universe.

1. Pink Lakes

From all the colors you would expect a lake water to be, bubble-gum pink is among the most unbelievable ones. Yet, there are several lakes on our planet water of which shines perfectly bright pink, even when taken out in a container. The most famous pink lake is Lake Hillier in Recherche Archipelago,Western Australia. Although the reason of such pinkness of the water has not been fully explained, there are several versions trying to solve this mystery. One of them relates the extreme saltiness of the lake with the Dunaliella salina organisms that like to live in such environment and that produce beta carotenes thus coloring the water bright pink. Another version “blames” red halophilic bacteria living in the salt crusts. No matter what is the cause of the extraordinary appearance of the water, the view is truly amazing. There are several such lakes around the world, for example, Lake Retba in Senegal and salt ponds at Francisko Bay.

Hillier Lake, Australia

Hillier Lake, Australia

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