6 Little Known Ghost Towns People Fled

Nothing is permanent and even grand cities eventually run out of people and life. The world is full of such cities and towns and villages that once were blooming and were full of people but now is just a bunch of empty buildings nobody cares about anymore. Many ghost towns have become famous (for instance, Pripyat in Chernobyl, Ukraine), but there are several you might have never heard about. 

1. Nova Cidade de Kilamba, Angola 

You cannot actually say that people fled the grand residential area in Angola – the massive governmental project of New City of Kilamba has remained without any inhabitants just because nobody can afford living there. 750 apartment buildings, a dozen of schools and other facilities were a part of social policy of the Angolan president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, but it has become nothing but an impressive failure, a grand residential area without anyone to live there.

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