5 Most Famous Places in Germany

Holstentor Gate - #1 Famous Place in Germany

Holstentor Gate – #1 Famous Place in Germany

Germany was world famous for The Berlin wall and after the fall of the Berlin wall Germany has achieved more popularity as a tourist destination. Berlin is an attractive capital city in Europe. Most of the cities in Germany have interesting history of its own. When you talk about tourist attractions in Germany, It is incomplete if you are confined to cities alone. Below are the 5 most famous places in Germany.

1. Holstentor Gate or The Holsten Gate

Located in Lubeck marks the western boundary of the old center of the Hanseatic . It is the only remaining Brick Gothic construction. Its shape is so unique. It has two circular towers and as it goes up the roof is conical. Its look is so stunning that people sit and gaze. The Holsten Gate actually has a central building, a south tower, a north tower and has four floors. The ground floor of the central tower is used as the gate’s passage. When viewed from the city side the building looks like a single building. It is considered as a symbol of Germany and in 1987 UNESCO declared the gate jointly with The city of Lubeck – a World Heritage.

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